This chapter shows how to upgrade Hydejack to a newer version. The method depends on how you’ve installed Hydejack.

  1. Free version
  2. PRO Version
  3. GitHub Pages

Before upgrading to v7+, make sure you’ve read the CHANGELOG, especially the part about the license change!

Free version

Upgrading the free version of the theme is as easy as running

bundle update jekyll-theme-hydejack

PRO Version

In v9, the structure of Hydejack PRO sites has changed. If you’re looking to upgrade from v8 or earlier, check out Installation for existing sites instead.

Buyers of the PRO version will find the files necessary for an upgrade in the #jekyll-theme-hydejack folder of the downloaded zip archive. To upgrade, simply overwrite the existing theme folder in the root directory of your site with the new one, then run

bundle update jekyll-theme-hydejack

If you’ve modified any of Hydejack’s files in #jekyll-theme-hydejack, your changes will most likely be overwritten and you have to apply them again. Make sure you’ve made a backup before overwriting any files.

GitHub Pages

When building on GitHub Pages, upgrading Hydejack is as simple as setting the remote_theme key in _config.yml to the desired version.

remote_theme: hydecorp/hydejack@v9.0.3

To use the latest version on the v9 branch on each build, you can use hydecorp/hydejack@v9.

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